Year 12 Specific Information


To reduce paper handling and the administrative load on schools, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority has developed an online procedure for collecting student declaration and permissions in 2020.

The deadline for students to complete this process online is Thursday 17 June 2021.


Year 12 students and those students enrolled in the WACE examinations need to declare that they are aware of the requirements to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and for sitting the WACE examinations. These requirements are listed in the Year 12 Information Handbook which is available on the Authority website at:

It is strongly suggested that all students discuss all of the questions with their parents or guardians prior to completing the student declaration and permission online.

To complete the student declaration and permission online the student can either go to:


Presentation Ceremony

WACE Attainment requirements are more demanding on student achievement. The School Curriculum and Standards Authority no longer refers to “Graduation”. As such, Kelmscott SHS has renamed the official school ceremony to include all students that have completed Year 12, achieved Good Standing and demonstrated a positive attitude and commitment to their studies.

  • The eligibility of students to attend the Presentation Ceremony will be determined by Senior Executive and the Year 12 Co-ordinator.

Kelmscott SHS School Ball

Only students who have maintained their Good Standing will be invited to attend the School Ball. This includes those attending as partners.

  • Students who lose their Good Standing during the first part of the year may enter into an arrangement with the Year 12 Co-ordinator to get their Good Standing reinstated.
  • Students not invited to attend the ball may also lodge an appeal to the Year 12 Co-ordinator. The outcome of the appeal will be determined by the Year 12 Co-ordinator and the Deputy Principals responsible for Year 12 and Student Services.