Specialist Programs

Kelmscott Senior High School proudly boasts a wide range of specialist programs.

Our school has an honoured history of providing specialist education to students in variety of academic, artistic, athletic and vocational settings. Kelmscott offers students the ability to purse their interests so as to develop their skills into an enduring passion and strength that will last a lifetime.

Kelmscott offers both approved specialised program at a competitive state level as well as school based specialist courses for students within our local area.

We also offer a Gifted and Talented Program at Kelmscott Senior High School.

Approved Specialist Programs

There are more than 100 Approved Specialist Programs at 56 schools across the State. Kelmscott Senior High School is pleased to offer three Approved Specialist Programs.

Our academic, music and agriculture Approved Specialist Programs give children real-world skills and a head start in reaching their career goals.

Our teachers and coaches are adept at recognising and developing children’s skills in their areas of interest.

Children can select pathways that prepare them for full-time employment or trades, or future study at training organisations or university.

Further information about our individual Approved Specialist Programs can be found:

School Based Specialist Programs

In recognising the sporting prowess and strength of our students Kelmscott Senior High School has developed specialist programs for students in the field of Athletics and Soccer.

Participation in these programs allows your children access to highly skilled teachers and coaches who will further their student’s skill, drive and determination in their chosen sport.

Students will get more than just physical activity, our teachers develop character, teach technical skills and self-discipline, and nurture a love of sport.

These programs enable children to compete at the highest levels and develop their skills as athletes both on the field and in the classroom.

Further information about our individual Approved Specialist Programs can be found:

Kelmscott Special Program Prospectus