School Facilities

Kelmscott Senior High School is located 25 kilometres south east of Perth and caters for students in Years 7 to 12. With a population of 1400 students, we are a school of opportunity offering a large range of courses and exciting specialist programs together with outstanding facilities. Academically, Kelmscott Senior High School has always performed exceptionally well.

A key aspect of the reputation of the school is the supportive pastoral care system, which is complimented by a well-disciplined, safe environment. Pride in the uniform and traditions of the school permeate the culture of Kelmscott Senior High School. With a reputation based on positive values, academic excellence and extensive education opportunities the demand for placements at the school far exceed positions available.

We offer student-centred learning programs, integrating information technology across our curriculum. In addition to statewide specialist programs in GATE , Instrumental Music and Agriculture, our students have access to specialist programs at school level including the Kelmscott Extension Program (KEP), Soccer, Athletics and Rowing.

Strong links with further education providers offers our students successful academic pathways leading to university entry and a broad range of vocational pathways leading to employment and further training. Kelmscott Senior High School is a strong performer in the VET arena, delivering a range of nationally recognised Certificate qualifications in a variety of industries.

Our students benefit from the excellent academic and extra-curricular facilities. We are exceptionally pleased to offer our onsite school farm as well as the external Hillside Farm training facility.

The school has a well-developed focus on pastoral care, catering to the needs of each student. All of our students belong to a House Clan Community as well as individual Homerooms.