Senior Leaders

Our Senior Leadership Team is made up of a variety of key staff that contribute to the operation and decision making for our school.

The leadership structure of the school appoints responsibility to the leaders of individual learning areas and teams. These staff undertake roles such as Head of Learning Area, Program Coordinator and Teacher-In Charge within their teams, and join the school executive to form the Senior Leadership Team.

In addition to the leadership of their individual learning areas or teams, members of the Senior Leadership Team:

  • Enact the vision of the school.
  • Create an atmosphere that promotes success for all students.
  • Develop goals and objectives for the operational (faculty) plan that reflects the Kelmscott SHS Business Plan
  • Ongoing improvement and ensuring the pursuit of excellence in teaching practices to produce successful students

Our Senior Leadership Team includes:

Arnold AUZINS Head of Learning Area: Mathematics
Scott HODGEN Head of Learning Area: Health & Physical Education
Derek EDMONDSON Head of Learning Area: Agriculture
Hayder ATTI Head of Learning Area: Science
Denise CAHILL Head of Learning Area: English
Julie-Ann OGILVIE Head of Learning Area: Technologies
Colleen MORRISON Head of Learning Area: Humanities & Social Sciences
Melanie RICHARDS Head of Learning Area: Arts (Music)
Fran MARCOTRIGIANO Program Coordinator: Student Services (Gell Centre)
Program Coordinator: Student Services (Gell Centre)
James  ROGAN Program Coordinator: VET & Workplace Learning
Fiona DRISCOLL Teacher-in-Charge: Big Picture Program
Jo PERRY Program Coordinator: Gifted & Talented Education

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