School Executive Leaders

Our Executive Team works hand in hand with parents, student and our extended staff. Their work generally takes a collaborative approach, so some roles are shared whilst others form part of their individual portfolios.

Our Principal, Trevlyn Geiles, is responsible for the overall leadership, organisation and efficiency of our school.

Our Deputy Principals, are responsible for the efficient daily operation of our college. They share multiple responsibilities across our school, such as the pastoral care of students and the leadership of curriculum development. Other duties involve enrolment, attendance, behaviour management and timetabling.

Our Manager of Corporate Services is responsible for the oversight and coordination of our school’s financial and physical resources, as well as the work of our many support staff.

Trevlyn Geiles – Principal
Adrian Penistan – Deputy Principal – Years 7 & 8
Lee Barclay – Deputy Principal – Years 9 & 10
Jacquie Sandhu – Deputy Principal – Years 11 & 12
Lexie Johansen – Manager of Corporate Services

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